If you think of your income as breathing in air and your expenses is breath out air... 

Example:  If you smoke you will fill your lungs with bad air and you could end up in getting Lung cancer

This Test is to assist you to ensure you do not spend more than what you earn each month

For performing this DIY test, your first step must be to writing down all your monthly expenses   ....


For performing this test, the list of all the expenses of the month, may include - policies, food, water, electricity, children, cell phone, groceries, airtime, etc. 

(You can take help from your bank statements which will guide you in making a list of your expenses.)


Now, you will have to note down your actual monthly income paid to your bank account monthly;   


Note this must be your income & Expenses for one specific month only 

 Income Vs Expenses

Write down the total monthly Income:            R…………..

Take the total of all the monthly expenses from your list

Write down the total monthly Expenses:         R…………..

              Subtract:    Total amount after subtracting      R…………. (+ Fit Unfit)

Now check if your  INCOME  is more than your expenses.

If the answer is YES, then you are financially fit.

But if your EXPENSES is more than your income. then you have not passed this test and you could be financially unfit

You may have to implement a financial health program to avoid any further complications


Next STEP:  2nd TEST 

Check your Income vs Debt repayment as well 

The next test will enable you to also check your monthly debt repayment.

and test you for possible financial cancer. 

It is important to remember that if you want to improve your Financial situation not to spend more than what you earn ....

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