Financial Cancer Status 

This is two very important tests in assisting to make you financially healthy.


You are required to test your cancer states in the areas listed below:

  • Income vs Expenses

  • Income vs Debt


It will be good if you pass this test, because this will tell you that you are having good financial health; but if you fail in this Financial Test, then it's time to take strict action regarding your financial situation, because you could have financial cancer 


To prevent any further health problems, you can use the GOOD Plan which will assist you to get Out of Debt and  also via the Financial Road Map that will change your future ...

First  Cancer TEST 


In this test, you will have to list down all your expenses for the month. 

Now write down your exact income of the month which is credited to your bank account.

           Total Income    =   R…………..


           Total expenses =  R……………

What is the difference =  R……………(+-)


Now compare your income and your expenses. If your income is greater than your expenses for the month then you are in a safe zone,i.e. You are financially fit.

You can move to the second test.


But if your income comes out to be less than your total monthly expenses then you are not in the safe zone and hence are not financially fit.  You will be recommended for a cancer program.

Second Cancer Test

A healthy policy is not to spend more than 30% of your income on debt repayments 


Check out this and use this test to see whether your monthly repayments exceed 30% or not:


Divide your monthly income by monthly debt repayment * 30%


Income R………Debt R……… * 30%


If your monthly repayments exceed 30% it will cause that their will not be enough available funds to manage your financial situation properly. 


The interest on your debt increase monthly and can cause the same effect as cancer, it grow and grow and grow ....

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