It is not so much how or where you get your money from or what you do with it ... 
It is your attitude towards money that is important.....
Because of our attitude, our situation around money does not remain external but become emotional and internal ... 
causing frustration, anger ... fear !!... then lead to Financial "debt"  !! 
Yes, your attitude positive or negative will determine your financial health and future 
one thing we need to remember:-   we will make mistakes ...
Problems will not just disappear ... it may sometimes take hard work & time to get out of a situation or manage finances

have patience   

be positive, have the courage to do the right thing and do it right  ... 

You have to manage your finances even if your income is low as managing expenses will determine your situation 

Debt management in financial planning in South Africa

To see your present Financial debt status, you can choose to complete two pro-active DIY Tests,  as well as looking at the GOOD Plan (Get out of Debt Plan) you will be introduced to choose a new Financial Road map which will change the way you deal with your financial situation ...

When you receive your first salary or income, you did not receive a financial guide on how to spend, control or deal with the money ...

This will assist you to choose a new way of thinking and dealing with your Finances and improve your life and become Financially Fit & Healthy 

Debt management in financial planning in South Africa

Some points to understand the strategy to repay your DEBT

Control, disciplined & gain control of overall expenses.

Debt management in financial planning in South Africa

List down all debts including the owed amount and all the installments.

Now apply GOOD Plan to all your listed debts by numbering them.

Mark your lowest debt, i.e. your owned amount as no. 1. 

After that mark the second-lowest debt as no. 2. And continue this process in a similar manner and mark all your debts.

Debt management in financial planning in South Africa

Income and expenses are related to each other. As much as your expenses increase,

your financial condition starts degrading as you are going far beyond your income.

If you continue this practice, then it will adversely affect your financial health and eventually,

you will become financially ill.

It is better to control your expenses according to your income ...


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